It’s been a pretty intense week for me so far, not a lot of time for blogging. So I’ll just do a brief post/review today.
I got this lash serum about a month an a half ago through amazon, and I’m ready for the verdict now.
This is the product in question:

And I actually like it. First of all it is super affordable- I got 3 tubes on amazon, and it was well under 10$ (delivery and tax included). Secondly, it does work. I don’t really believe in drastic changes in hair growth because of a product unless this product requires prescription or has noticeable side effects. But with all that, I believe that a product can help protect hair and prevent hair to fall out too soon.
Anyway, after a month and a half of use (morning and evening), I am still in my first tube, my lashes seem a little longer and fuller to me, note, there is no change in color- this is not latisse. First week or two I had more lashes falling out, but that is not happening anymore.
This gel goes on clear, smells very nice (super light scent), is great as a mascara primer- just make sure it dries on lashes a bit before applying mascara.
Here is how my lashes look now with mascara. Yeah, I know, the photo is not very good, but still…



2 thoughts on “Lashes

  1. I’ve never tried an eye lash serum but they sound interesting… After reading your post I may give it a try! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Naomi x

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