Spoiled Nail Polish Review

I’ve bought several bottles of “Spoiled” nail polish recently. I really like the colors that they have- really pretty and unique. And as a very pleasant bonus- the price is great- $1.99 for a nice big bottle in CVS. Thanks Wet’n’Wild!

I have it in 4 different colors, so far I tried 3 of them, and am very happy with the quality. The ones that have some frost win them last really well. The only downside is that the polish dries really slow, which is not an issue if you use speed dry top coat (I tried it with Sally Hansen’s Speed Shine topcoat and Seche Vite top coat- both worked like a charm). Basically this slow drying helps the nail polish last longer, because unlike many fast-drying polishes, it is more “rubbery” (can’t think of a better word :)), so it doesn’t chip.

Here is Black Mamba I’m wearing today:



The Parking Meteor Expired- nice deep green (almost black) color with a tiny bit of purple:


Paying With Platinum- it’s kind of a chameleon, so the color looks different from different angles:

paying with platinum- spoiled


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