Revlon Top Speed in Jelly. Swatch+ review.

I haven’t doen any girly posts in a while, so here’s one. I have recently bought several shades of Revlon nail polishes, and today I’ll show one of them.

Top Speed does dry fast, and there are some amazing shades to choose from. Unfortunately staying powers of enamels are not as impressive. I always use Orly’s rubberized base coat, Seche Vite top coat, and seal all exposed sides of the nail with nail polish and topcoat. That typically helps the polish to last longer, but in case with Top Speed, after about 24 hours it started wearing off, and was chipping off by the end of day 2/3.

Anyway, here’s shade number one- “Jelly”. Amazingly pretty color.



and a phone photo in the bright daylight- shows the raspberry undertones better



2 thoughts on “Revlon Top Speed in Jelly. Swatch+ review.

    • Thank you so much! I’m still working on getting my nails and skin back to normal- ruined them badly with all sorts of cleaning. Seems like moisturizing is the key to get nails and cuticles to be healthy.

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