My Silent Love and Inspiration

This post will be dedicated to my most silent friend that always amazes and inspires me. A little over two years ago I was visiting my grandparents, and took a piece of a plant I’ve always liked to make a whole new plant for my home. I got home, put the stick in the water, it didn’t do anything for weeks, I wasn’t even sure it was alive, but decided to stick it in some dirt. That was sometime in December 2011. And again the stick didn’t do anything whatsoever, just stood there. Couple of months later my parents started making fun of me watering “the dead stick”, and at that point I started having doubts the stick had any life in it too, but kept giving it water like it was a normal plant. That must have looked quite weird now that I think of it.

One day in late April 2011 I was doing my normal watering and noticed something was different. There was a tiny, barely noticeable, green leaf on my stick! I can’t even tell you how excited I was. Small things can make one happy indeed. It was, and still is, a miracle for me. This little one had been gathering strength for almost half a year to produce it’s first leaf! In the two years it has moved to a bigger pot, and is ready for another bigger pot. Now is trying to cling to everything on it’s way, makes me think it’s alive with all the crawling it can do. πŸ™‚

Every time I see my plant I think of how important it is to have faith, how nothing in impossible, how miracles can happen on any day of our lives. And of course, being persistent is something I see in the little one every day- it is really good at getting places and grabbing things. I still have to learn some things from it. πŸ™‚

Here is the story in photographs:

My Silent Love and Inspiration


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