Spoiled Bite Me Review

I have posted a couple of swatches of Spoiled before here ( https://elizzabethby.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/spoiled-nail-polish-review/ ), and here is another shade called Bite Me. It’s a nice dark burgundy color, almost black.

I still have a bit of mixed feelings about these polishes. Wile I really love the superb staying power- they somehow survive all my cleaning, washing, and using my nails as various tools. Seriously remarkable, I kid you not. And while their extremely slow drying can be overcome with speed dry topcoat (both Seche Vite and Sally Hansen do great), there is a very big annoying problem. That problem is the brush. It is very big, fully, and not always neatly shaped, which makes it very difficult to cover the nails evenly, and even more so to get closer to cuticles for perfect manicure. Hence, very big gaps between my cuticles and colored part, and nail polish here and there on the skin, and I can’t stand when that happens. Sure, I could just use another, smaller, brush, but it seems like too much trouble.

Really good polish for $1.99, really bad brush. Dear Wet’n’Wild, fix the brush, will ya?



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