IBD Just Gel Burning Flame Swatch and Review

Summer heat is upon us, and I was craving for a bright, orangey color for my nails. After doing a lot of searching online I, I ordered IBD’s Just Gel Burning Flame. It’s a great juicy gel with no shimmer or glitter in it. I’ve had it on my hands for a week so far, and don’t have any chipping or peeling.

bright sunlight

The color reminds me of bright red geraniums or poppies. Very vibrant, glossy, and fresh. The shade seems to change a bit under different light.


I used my Gelish ph-bond, base, and top coat to do this manicure, and cured with Sensationail LED light. Even though the bottle calls for 30 seconds in LED, I did the full minute like with Sensationail polishes just to be sure, LED’s seem to have different voltages.

IBD Burning Flame, natural light

The Gel is very easy to apply, and 2 thin coats give pretty good coverage. Nails don’t feel or look overly thick. What I have on the pictures is 2 coats, and if you look very closely, you can see the free edge of the nail, but it’s not obvious. The reason I didn’t do 3 layers is because I plan to do another layer at about 1.5 weeks to fill in the area where the nail grows, and wear my manicure for 3 weeks total without excessive thickness.

IBD Just Gel Burning Flame

You can see how the shade changes at different angles and under slightly different light.

IBD Just Gel Burning Flame

IBD Just Gel Burning Flame

IBD Just Gel Burning Flame. Very bright sunlight

IBD Burning Flame in Artificial light- the color not true to life.

Overall, it’s a very good quality affordable gel polish. Very easy to apply- gels are much more forgiving than regular nail polishes, because they don’t dry until you cure them, so it’s easier than ever to get perfect manicure at home.

I purchased all the products mentioned here myself, and just expressing my opinion on their quality. Hope you found some information here useful!


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